Category: Computer Vision

Minigame where the player has to stop the black dots (lice) running up his body by shooting at them before they reach his head. The player wears a rigid array of fiducial markers on his chest that is captured using a web-cam and used to determine his relative position and orientation in real time. Computer generated images for lice and background plane are overlaid on the real image seamlessly as the player moves. A Wiimote is used to aim pointing at the computer screen. The game was developed in C# with XNA 3.1 as gaming framework, Goblin XNA as augmented reality framework, ALVAR for fiducial marker tracking and WiimoteLib for interacting with the Wii Remote.

fiducial markers


Minigame where the player controls the position of his spaceship moving his head and aims and shoots with the Wii Remote controller (Wiimote). User movement is recorded through a web-cam and analysed using face tracking based on recognition of Haar-like features. The Wiimote built-in infrared camera uses an infrared LED positioned on top of the sreen to calculate the aiming direction. The game was developed in C# with XNA 3.0 as gaming framework, Emgu CV -a .Net wrapper for OpenCV- as computer vision library and WiimoteLib to interface with the Wiimote.

Application to detect the boundaries and orientation of a road lane analysing video taken from a car. Line edges are obtained using Canny edge detection and then rays are casted to find the corners of the quadrilateral. Contour following is used to produce the right margin of the lane and the road direction is obtained calculating the area between this line and the linear approximation given by the quadrilateral. The system was implemented in C++ with OpenCV.